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   THE RING, Vol. 21, No 1, 1999, Abstracts of the 2nd Meeting of the EOU


Abstracts of the 2nd Meeting of the European Ornithologists Union and 3rd International Shrike Symposium

Plenary presentations
(page 5)

2nd Meeting Of The European Ornithologists Union. Sessions and Symposia

Bird migration
(page 11)

Conservation of birds
(page 15)

Behavioural studies on birds
(page 19)

Migration and wintering
(page 23)

Pan-European Bird Monitoring
(page 27)

Breeding ecology
(page 31)

Globally threatened birds in Europe
(page 35)

Energetics and nutririon of growing and adult birds
(page 39)

Bird ecology
(page 43)

Avian morphology in memory of Paul Buehler
(page 47)

Ecophysiology of birds
(page 51)

Waterfowl studies
(page 55)

3rd International Shrike Symposium. Sessions

Food and hunting behaviour of Shrikes
(page 61)

Habitat selection and distribution of Shrikes
(page 65)

Nesting ecology of Shrikes
(page 69)

Nest site selection and reproductive success of Shrikes
(page 73)

2nd Meeting Of The European Ornithologists Union 3rd International Shrike Symposium. Posters

Bbi - Breeding biology
(page 79)

Beh - Behaviour
(page 97)

Con - Conservation
(page 109)

FN - Foraging - Nutrition
(page 117)

HBc - Habitat - Bird community
(page 133)

Mig - Migration
(page 147)

SND - Status, Number, Distribution
(page 167)

Urb - Urbanisation
(page 185)

VARia - Morphology, Physiology, Systematics, Parasites and Metal Contamination
(page 193)

(page 211)